About Us

ALL ABOUT US  –  WE ARE …..BIO CURE web site set up to bring important health information updates, and latest products and services.Brought to you by

G Associates, 16# 12, International Plaza,  10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903 ,


Brought to you by Bio-cure Tech LTD, Aduragbemi street,Alagbado,Lagos 23401www.bio-cure-info.com
To contact please use : tkross2008gmail.com or support@bio-cure-info.com

Our Objectives: 1) Bringing the latest developments in health related subjects, medicine etc.

2) Clearing the doubts related to these subjects.

3) Providing service to public to help them getting their goals.

Company Info: G associates (Established 1998, Became in online 2002)

Company director is  Holder Joseph Varghese.





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